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Access to American Village

・40 minutes by car from Naha Airport
・5-minute walk from Kuwae bus stop

Those coming by taxi
  • Tell the taxi driver you want to go to “American Village in Mihama, Chatan Town” and/or “near the Ferris wheel.”
  • It takes about 45 minutes from Naha Airport, and the taxi fare is about 3,500 yen to 4,000 yen.
    From Naha City (near the prefectural government), it takes about 40 minutes and costs 3,000 yen to 3,500 yen.
Those coming on bus
About Naha Airport and Naha City.
  • From Naha City, take No. 20 (Nago West Line), No. 28 (Sobe, Yomitan Line), or No. 29 (Kina, Yomitan Line). From Naha Airport, take No. 120 (Nago West-Airport Line).
  • Please take the bus up to “Kuwae.” From the bus stop, it is a 3-minute walk to American Village.
  • The bus fare is about 700 yen from Naha.
About Churaumi Aquarium and Nago place.
  • From Churaumi Aquarium(Ocean EXPO Park), take No.70(Bise Line) or No,66(Motobu Peninsula Line) and get off at Nago Castle Ent, then transfer to No.120(Nago West Line).
  • If you choose to take No.65(Motobu Peninsula Line), you should get off at Nago Crossroads, then transfer to No.120(Nago West Line).
  • The bus fare is about 2300 yen from Naha.

Note: The route and fare may not be current. For more information, please contact the following companies.
■ Okinawa bus / ■ Ryukyu bus

The person using the airport limousine bus
  • The airport limousine bus is the bus which ties Naha Airport and a main hotel in each holiday resort.
  • Please take it to the Beach Tower Okinawa.
  • It’s about 3 minutes on foot from the Beach Tower Okinawa.
  • The charge is about 800 yen in total.
  • Please buy a limousine bus available ticket at the limousine bus guide counter of the 1st floor of airport.

※They aren’t sometimes the latest line and charge. Please check it more than the following company for details.
■ Okinawa bus

Wide-area access map