Halloween Mihama
Costume Contest 2016[attention]Event date and time, place has been changed in this year!

Date and Time Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sunset Beach


  • 12:00〜14:00・・・Registration
  • 14:10〜15:30・・・Selection Parade
  • 15:40〜16:10・・・Costume Contest
  • 16:20〜16:40・・・Awards Ceremony

[attention]Event date and time, place has been changed in this year!

※Halloween Mihama Costume Contest 2016 information

  • Advance registration only ! Go to our website to register.
  • The location of the costume contest sign up booth has changed from previous years.
    It will be located at the Sunset Beach near Rinken’s Kitchen.
  • Qualified contestants will need to be disguise as Ghost, Zombie, Witch, Mummy, Devil, Yokai, etc…
    Unrelated costumes such as Cosplay, Animation will not be counted in the contest.
    Costume Parade is open to everyone.
    No Fee is required, for any other information please check our website.
  • Advance Registration Only
    You will need to fill out the entry form below in order to participate in the Halloween Mihama Costume Contest 2016 in advance on our website.

Be creative with your costume and make-up, be the most spookiest, scariest and original to be the winner of the Halloween Mihama Costume Contest 2016
Contestants are limited to 100 children and 100 adults.
Contest will be closed once entry limit has been reached regardless of time or day.
Please sign up early to ensure you get to participate.

PRIZE(S) For Adults (13 years of age and above)1st Prize $500 2nd Prize $300 3rd Prize $150
Treats for Kids ( All children 12 years of age or under )1st Prize Super Jumbo Box 2nd Prize Jumbo Box 3rd Prize Big Box of Candies
*Treats will be giving to all children for participating in the contest.

Registration has ended.
Thank you for registration.
And we look forward to a lot of people of your visit!

The Halloween Mihama Costume Contest 2016 Guideline for the participates


The participants who has registered on the website must sign up on 29th Oct 2016 from 12:00 ~ 14:00 at the entry booth at the Sunset Beach near Rinken’s Kitchen.

Please receive your entry no. and wear it in front at all times.

* If you have not registered on the website in advance you will not be qualified to enter the contest.( Costume Parade is open to everyone.)

Place and Time

Please gather by 14:00, at the starting point for the Costume Parade near the sign up booth.

Judging Process

The winner(s) will be determined through two(2) rounds of judging as described below.

Selection of Finalist:
In the first round, the entries will be selected be secret judges during the Costume Parade.

Selection of Winner(s):
In the second round, the judges will use a range voting system method assigning a value between 0 ~ 10 to each finalist, The finalist with the highest scores will be selected as the winner(s).

Costume Parade and Costume Contest

At 14:00 ~ The prejudging for the contestants will take place during Halloween Parade starting at Sunset Beach ( near Rinken’s Kitchen) to the square in front of the American Depot then back to Sunset Beach.
( The finalist will be chosen )After the parade, all contestants will appear on stage but not be considered for any awards. The finalist will be asked to stand by at the waiting room for the final judgement which will take place on stage .Be prepare to present and appeal to the judges and to the audience.

The Director reserves the right to eliminate anyone from competition on basis of taste, danger to the audience/other contestants or for any other reason deemed sufficient. Please follow the instructions given by staffs of Halloween Mihama all times.

Awards Ceremony for the finalist

After the presentation on stage we ask for all Adults and Kid’s finalists to stand by close to the stage for the contest results. The winner(s) will be disqualified if not presented during the awards ceremony.


Please approve filming, photographing of Halloween Mihama Contest 2016 (Your picture may be used in next year’s advertisement)

Come and join us at Okinawa’s largest & exciting Halloween Contest !
The Halloween Mihama Costume Contest 2016